We take pride in the quality of the finished products and take responsibility
for the creation of finished products through domestic and export of customized finished products.

  • weaving
  • finishing
  • made goods


Using 160 movable looms, we produce Blind fabrics in the form of Combishade and Rollshade.
We produce ECO Sunscreen, Pure Shite combi rock film, and Sheer strength improvement products that ensure excellent quality for various tissues and functional rock film blinds using Jacquard loom facilities.


For textiles produced its own performance processing to the needs of each proceeding.
It secures flame-retardant functions that meet the notification standards of the National Fire Agency and the U.S. NFPA701 standards, and performs resin processing that has blind-fit draftability along with vibromic eco-friendly flame-retardant processing, and additional functions.

ready made goods

Child Safety It is designed to break when a certain weight is applied to the blind control line to prevent children's safety accidents.